Individual engineering workshops for companies

At Vester Training we offer you the possibility to get certified in any of our courses without having to leave your workplace. We will move to your company!

No staff transport costs

Flexible timetable adapted to the availability of the attendees

Focused on company requirements and needs

Real-world case studies according to the company’s current situations

Cursos particulares para empresas
Cursos ingeniería para empresas particulares

In this type of training the company chooses when and how it wants to do it. All our training offer is available on site but, if the client requires it, we can prepare tailor-made courses!

Choose the specific topics that your company requires at the moment

Modify the duration of the course according to your needs

In short, we give you all the facilities you need so that your company can be trained and certified in the latest technologies of the industrial sector in the most comfortable and simple way.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to design the course as it comes closer to your needs!

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