Three-day course that aims to make the student know in a generic way Cybersecurity in Industrial Environments and Critical Infrastructures, the most important aspects of it and the basic forms of protection against attacks.

The course consists of a theoretical part, followed by practices. At the end of the course, the student will have a free software repository with all the test tools used during the three days.

  • No staff displacement.
  • There are no expenses in diets.
  • Schedules are adapted to working hours.
  • Adaptable to the requirements and needs of the company.
  • Real case studies with company-specific situations.

We have a broad experience of more than 5 years in the delivery of industrial technology courses so we have the know-how in terms of:

  • Trained and experienced faculty
  • Quality teaching materials
  • Contact and special agreements with a large number of training centres

This course is designed to train technicians and engineers involved in the protection of critical industrial systems and the application of security measures in PLC / SCADA / MES environments.

It is mainly aimed at technical personnel involved in the design of architectures, installation, configuration, maintenance and start-up of supervision projects and / or automation of tele control systems.

  • Application of anti-intrusion systems, computer security control and equipment firewall.
  • Provide an overview of the most important concepts associated with the area of industrial cybersecurity.
  • Analyse the main vulnerabilities and threats that can be experienced in industrial environments.
  • Know the different types of hacker attacks that can be done to an OT network or a critical infrastructure.
  • Describe the main countermeasures that can be included to fortify industrial networks and protocols.
  • Provide recommendations and practical advice to strengthen systems and networks linked to the industrial sphere of organizations.
  • Present the main current and future standards and/or laws in the application of countermeasures.
  • Training room for the course
  • 1 computer per student
  • Projector
  • Internet connection
  • Dossier with Workshop material
  • Practical manuals
  • Document of certification in Cybersecurity in Industrial Environments and Critical Infrastructures

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