Nuestros cursos:

The courses offered by VITC have been designed to train technicians and engineers involved in the development of projects in the industrial environment. It is mainly directed to technical personnel involved in the design of architectures, installation, configuration, maintenance and start-up of automation projects and tele control systems.

They are complete 3-day courses with theory and practice on the characteristics, functionalities and use of the most used industrial protocols.

They have been developed to provide broad knowledge for project engineers and integrators, including case practice and successful implementations.

  • No staff displacement.
  • There are no expenses in diets.
  • Schedules are adapted to working hours.
  • Adaptable to the requirements and needs of the company.
  • Real case studies with company-specific situations.

We have a broad experience of more than 5 years in the delivery of industrial technology courses so we have the know-how in terms of:

  • Trained and experienced faculty
  • Quality teaching materials
  • Contact and special agreements with a large number of training centres

Engineers, developers and integrators working on the maintenance of applications, the integration of new systems, replacing old equipment or looking for new ways to optimize data communication.

To project managers, consultants and commercials who look for the best solutions for their clients with the objective of optimizing costs.

  • Recognize the most common connectivity problems knowing the protocols most used in the industry.
  • Learn to design and configure an industrial Ethernet network with its elements like Switches, Routers and Firewalls.
  • Learn to configure software and hardware to communicate efficiently through IEC, DNP3 and Modbus.
  • Choose the most appropriate software according to the needs of the project allowing a significant savings in production costs.
  • Understand the advantages and functionalities of each protocol and how components can be used to build efficient and flexible systems.
  • Solve and diagnose common industrial communications problems, reducing installation and configuration time.
  • Evaluate the different tools and technologies that are commercialized in the market in order you can get the optimal functionality of your installation.
  • Training room for the course
  • 1 computer per student
  • Projector
  • Internet connection
  • Dossier with Workshop material
  • Practical manuals
  • Document of certification in Industrial protocols

Contact with us if you are interested in our professional training courses in Industrial Communications Protocols and Network Management:

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