Industrial Communications Protocols and Network Management

Full 3-day workshop with theory and practice on the use of standards protocols for automating electrical substations and remote projects, MODBUS, DNP3, IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5 101/104.

After completing the workshop, students will get theory and practical skills for:
• Understand the specifications and terminology of a control system.
• Choose the connection model and the most appropriate protocol according to their needs.
• Install and configure devices and applications that use these protocols.

Ciber Security for Industrial Environments and Critical Infrastructures

Three-day workshop designed and aimed at learning the general concepts of Cybersecurity at Industrial Environments and Critical Infrastructures, as well as its most important aspects and the basic protections against attacks.
The workshop includes a theoretical part, followed by a practical part. At the end of the training, the student will be provided with free software with all the test tools used during the three days of training.

OPC Technology and Advanced Architecture Development

OPC technology Workshops are aimed at:
• Solve common system connectivity issues using field-tested OPC technology
• Reduce integration time by learning to install, configure, and test OPC
• Know concepts in which OPC tools from all software vendors are based
• Improve system reliability using standards-based technology
• Reduce long term ownership costs by building robust systems
• Quickly troubleshoot and diagnose Windows security problems

OPC UA Technology, Theory, Practices and Application Development

OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is a platform independent standard through which various kinds of systems and devices can communicate by sending Messages between Clients and Servers over various types of networks.
OPC UA (Unified Architecture) expands the great success of the OPC communication protocol for data acquisition, information design, and communications between plant and applications in a reliable and secure way.

Standard Application for SCADA Systems Design

Attendees will learn the best methodology to be able to define size and design their SCADA system according to project requirements. Any project must be previously designed, before executing it there has to be defined:
• Functionality
• Equipment size
• Data quantity
• Screens
• Alarms
• And other aspects
Students will be able to work with practical cases form the energy, water, food, pharmacy, mining, chemical industries and others.

IoT Training Workshop for the Industry

IoT devices are abundant at this time and their exponential growth will remain for the next few years. According to this trend, all systems will be virtually connected to the Cloud and the information will be managed by platforms hosted on Cloud Computing services. The industrial environment doesn’t escape this trend and it is expected that, like in other sectors, the development of IoT solutions predominate in the sector in the coming years. For this reason, it is important that professionals of Industrial sector stay updated and learn about the implementation of IIoT solutions.

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