Javier de la Arena Sevillano

Industrial Engineer, specialized in Industrial Automation and Electronics, by UC3M.

Master’s degree MBA, by the UC3M.

11 years of experience in the design and implementation of industrial communication, monitoring and control systems:

  • Industrial Field Bus
  • PLC
  • BBDD
  • Auxiliary applications

11 years of experience in programming high availability services in the following platforms:

  • C/C++
  • .NET
  • Python
  • NodeJS

5 years of experience in company training and specialized consulting of industrial communication, monitoring and control systems.

Experience in generating, storing and processing historical data, alarms and events, to be input into client’s corporate systems, reporting, traceability and automatic notifications.

Experience in control, monitoring and data processing systems in the photovoltaic energy sector. Design and implementation of such systems in some of the largest plants in the world (e.g. Solar Star and CVSR).

Implementation and diagnosis of the most widespread field protocols: Modbus RTU / TCP, Siemens S7, OPC, OPC-UA, DNP, etc…

Experience in deploying and managing virtualized systems over VMWare ESX as well as configuring secure industrial networks using physical or virtual routers / firewalls.

Configuration and deployment of control systems in embedded equipment. Administration of Windows and Linux servers.

Development of custom applications for integration of data between different platforms, with attention to the efficient management of problems of communications, storage and data recovery.

Cesar Barquero

General Manager at ControlSoft Central America, 17 years of experience providing automation solutions regarding hardware,  software and instrumentation for industrial applications focused on reduction of operative costs, energy efficiency optimization of processes through complete or partial automation of processes.

He has worked for more tan 50 companies in the Central American and Mexican regions, as a developer and/or consultant, which has allowed him to to know first-hand multiple and different applications of use in the  industrial world, providing solutions to those who need to control, operate and analize information and data of installed equipment regardless vendor and always trying to find the way to make it easier, fast, and realiable. His customer service philosophy allows him to share with you what he has learned up to now.

At present he is working strongly in the development of automation data applications for IIOT.

Carles Centeno

Industrial Technical Engineer specialized in industrial electronics in EUSS and a 2 year Master degree in Industrial Cybersecurity and Networks at La Salle. Four years teaching in companies Taylor made solutions and consulting in the steps of the Project. More than 11 years of experience in SCADA communications, PLCs, field equipment in general (network analyzers, protection relays, inverters, starters, etc.).

Has participated of industrial control system projects in Ireland, networks and automation in Spain and securization of industrial environments in energy production plants in Italy.

In Latin America has participated in projects in Uruguay, Chile, Puerto Rico and Africa. Especially in industrial protocols and secured network architecture design Engineering companies such as TSK in Puerto Rico, o Solarpack in Tacna, Chile and Uruguay or Acciona in Chile, Brasil.

Jordi Martínez Solé

14 years of expereince in communications; Scada, PLCs, field equipment in general (network analizers, protection relays, variators, starters, etc).

5 years of experience working for Schneider Electric, responsable of large infrastructure communication architecture design such as Tunel vielha, T1  Terminal, Barcelona, Canal de Piedras, Andalucía, Termasolar Gemasolar Plant, etc. At telecontrol level as well as field level (software and hardware architecture).

Communication driver design and development to reach top performance based on field equipment capabilities. Highlightning particularly the development of architecture and communications driver Modbus TCP for SENER engineering for the energy management software concentrator from concrentation tower at the Torresol Energy plant in Spain.

Wide experience in solving large infrastructure communication issues. Network auditing and improvement implementation to minimize common issues in any industrial network.


Technical and industrial engineer especilly trained in Industrial Electronics in EUSS.

Masters degree in network and comunication services from la Salle.

Workshop CCNA at Cisco.

Hirschmann certificate specialist.

In company 8 year-training experience. Customized training and consulting in all the process stages.

Ignasi Quin

Technical and Electrical Engineer graduated at Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC).

As Chief of the Technical Support Department for MatrikonOPC Ibérica; he provides daily technical assistance for engineers and integrators solving issues of OPC, installation and OPC system communication configuration.

He also conducts open to the public general courses and on-site private training for OPC Certification all over the world.

Wide experience working with automation projects in the food industry, mainly working with Telemecanique y Modicon TSX (Schneider Electric)

He has work extensively in Energy Efficiency Management (management systems and monitoring of electrical energy).

Diego Mesén

Electrical Engineer and current Director of the Technical Department at Matrikon Latin América, with more than five years of experience.

In the technical area, providing support, advice and distributing maintenance plans to customers, as well as ensuring the proper functioning of the department.

At Matrikon he has done commissionings at industrial environments in more than 100 plants, involving automation and control solutions together with  OPC tecnología Latin America. Efective and suited solutions for each implementation besides his wide knowledge of different industrial applications have allowed him to offer his clients high quality advice, helping projects come forward.