"The course is very oriented to the professional world. As for the documentation, all the protocols used in the electrical world appear"

Sebastián Medina

"It is like a paradigm shift from what I understood by a SCADA system"

Manuel Ramírez

"What I would especially highlight about this course is that the most important parts of each protocol are learned and there is the possibility of practicing with equipment and real situations that you will most likely find in your workplace"

Andrés Peña

"The course helps everyone to align ourselves with what the regulations indicate for the benefit of the end user"

Ricardo Torres

"This course offers new ideas, things that are sometimes overlooked. The operators will be very grateful for all this new information that we transmit to them"

Antonio Castillo

"After this course you can put yourself more in the customer’s shoes and think more about him than what is really correct"

Fernando Morales

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