OPC UA Technology: Theory, Practices and Application Development

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OPC UA Technology: Theory, Practices and Application Development

Are you interested in learning clear, concise, and practical knowledge in OPC UA Technology and Application Development?

OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is an independent platform standard through which various kinds of systems and devices can communicate by sending messages between Clients and Servers over various types of networks.

OPC UA (Unified Architecture) expands the great success of the OPC communication protocol for data acquisition, information design, and communications between plant and applications in a reliable and secure way.

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What goals will you achieve with this training?

Vision and knowledge

Understand OPC UA and develop your own OPC UA Client-Server on main platforms and programming languages.

Analysis and development

Understand the benefits of OPC UA and how OPC components can be used to build efficient and flexible systems.

Protocol and Legality

Understand OPC UA Security model and Information Modeling, as well as the best practices at the implementation of OPC UA applications.

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The most complete syllabus on OPC UA Technology: Theory, Practices and Application Development, now available for engineers, developers, and professionals of the industry in general.

Day 1


History of OPC, OPC Overview

  • Differences between OPC Classic and OPC UA
  • Differences between versions

Day 2

OPC UA Development Practical Training

Tool review and available libraries for different OS and development languages:

  • Windows, Linux y Mac
  • 32 y 64 bits
  • C, C++, .NET(C#), Java, Python, NodeJS

Day 3

OPC UA Development Practical Training

Training with .NET

  • Creating address space
  • Static and dynamic variable
  • Variable writing

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