Standard Application for SCADA Systems Design

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Standard Application for SCADA Systems Design

Learn the best methodology to define size and design of a SCADA system according to your project’s requirements, and know how to make a previous design in which include:

  • Functionality
  • Equipment size
  • Data quantity
  • Screens
  • Alarms
  • Other aspects

Students will be able to work with practical cases from all types of industries: energy, water, food, pharmacy, mining, chemical industries, and others.

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Introduction to SCADA Systems


Good Practices for the use of user Commands


Methodology for the use of Databases

Standard Application for SCADA Systems Design training objectives

A complete and updated syllabus on the Standards Application for SCADA Systems Design oriented to professionals in the industrial sector.

Vision and knowledge

Learn the use of design terminology and standards, as well as the different signal processing media. You will also learn SCADA topologies and design architectures. 

Creation and Design

You will learn the Screen principles and the use of the essential principles for effective screen design. Among them, you will learn the life cycle of a SCADA project, the use of animation tools and the design of history, reports and graphs.

Structures and Databases

You will learn the structure of variable names and their conventions, and how to establish links with databases. 

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