Standard Application for SCADA Systems Design

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Standard Application for SCADA Systems Design

Are you interested in learning clear, concise, and practical knowledge in Standard Application for SCADA Systems Design?

Attendees will learn the best methodology to define size and design their SCADA system according to project requirements. Before being executed, any project must be previously designed and have the following items defined:

  • Functionality
  • Equipment size
  • Data quantity
  • Screens
  • Alarms
  • Other aspects

Students will be able to work with practical cases from all types of industries: energy, water, food, pharmacy, mining, chemical industries, and others.

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What goals will you achieve with this training?

Vision and knowledge

• Know the use of terminology and standards design.
• Know the scope of SCADA software applications.
• Know the different signal processing means from SCADA software (communication and integration).
• Know SCADA design topologies and architectures. SCADA Gateway concept development.

Creation and Design

• Screen design principles, use of essential principles for an effective screen design.
• Know the life cycle of a SCADA Project.
• Creation and documentation of a SCADA project.
• Know the use of animation tools.
• Know the use of symbols and scripts.
• Know the use of templates and instances.
• Know the use of structured logic.
• Historical, reports and graphs design.

Structures and Data Bases

• Variables and conventions name structure.
• Being able to establish links with data bases without being an expert in data bases.

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The most complete syllabus on Standard Application for SCADA Systems Design, now available for engineers, developers, and professionals of the industry in general.

Day 1


  • Introduction to SCADA Systems
  • Methodology for the design of typologies
  • Elements to consider when designing any SCADA
  • Real practical case

Day 2

Good practices for the use of user commands

  • Methodology for creating templates and instances
  • Structured logic for security
  • Screen structures and their conventions

Day 3

Methodology for the use of databases

  • Trend structures, tables, and reports
  • Diagnosis of communications
  • Methodology for the use of alarms

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