Cyber-Security for Industrial Environments and Critical Infrastructures

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Cyber-Security for Industrial Environments and Critical Infrastructures

Are you interested in learning clear, concise, and practical knowledge in Cybersecurity with in the 4.0 Industry?

Three-day workshop designed with the aim of learning the general concepts of Cybersecurity at Industrial Environments and Critical Infrastructures, as well as its most important aspects and the basic protection against attacks.

The workshop includes a theoretical part, followed by a practical part. At the end of the training, the student will be provided with free software with all the test tools used during the three days training.

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What goals will you achieve with this training?

Vision and knowledge

Analyze the main vulnerabilities and threats applying anti-intrusion systems, computer security controls and equipment firewall.

Analysis and development

Learn the different types of hacker attacks that can be carried out on an OT network or a critical infrastructure, including the main countermeasures to fortify industrial networks and protocols.

Protocol and Legality

Provide recommendations and practical advice to strengthen the company’s industrial systems and networks, within the main standards and/or the current and future laws regarding the implementation of said countermeasures.

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The most complete syllabus on cybersecurity and critical infrastructures in the industry, now available for engineers, developers, and professionals of the industry in general.

Day 1

Access, Vulnerability, Attacks and Malware

Introduction to computer security

  • What is hacking?
  • Information security properties: confidentiality, integrity / non- repudiation and availability

Day 2

Audits and Industrial Networks Security

Attack stages III:

  • Maintain Access
  • Cover the tracks
  • Practice

Day 3

Protection, Countermeasures and Cryptography

Countermeasures and protection I:

  • Defense and protection technologies
  • Perimeter defense architecture

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We also provide private workshops for companies and work teams, with flexible and adaptable syllabus, so your company can have specific and quality training.

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Cybersecurity Private Workshop

This option allows you to choose dates, modality, and location. Get the themes and topics that your company requires. Modify the duration of the workshop according to your needs. You can do it online or have the instructor travel to your workplace.
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