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100% Specialized Workshops

Wide range of online training for specialization within Industrial Engineering. Connect from wherever you want to our live virtual Workshops.

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Training workshops for engineers

Find the industrial engineering course that best suits you, anywhere in the world.


Keynote lectures and advanced practice workshops.


Training, practices, and digital support material for the student.


Official Certification Diploma issued by Vester Training®.

Small groups

Limited places to guarantee student learning.

Practices with real hardware

Our instructors are specialists in the sector, with decades of experience leading automation projects in industries from all sectors. They will guide and advise you to solve real problems in your own industrial plan.

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Onsite Workshops

This option allows you to choose dates, modality, and location. Get the themes and topics that your company requires. Modify the duration of the workshop according to your needs. You can do it online or have the instructor travel to your workplace.
In short, we give you all the facilities so your company can be trained and certified in the latest industrial technologies, in the most comfortable and simple way.

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Online Workshops in virtual classrooms

Connect live with the instructor in a virtual classroom where attendees can actively participate in the session and carry out the practices in a more interactive way.

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Available Trainings

Check here the offer of specialized Workshops for industrial engineers that we have been teaching at Vester Training for more than 10 years:

Learning Guarantee

In our specialization workshops you will learn how to solve the real problems that you might find in any industrial plant, in an efficient and fast way. Every year, hundreds of engineers from all over the world get certified with us.

“The course is very oriented to the professional world. As for the documentation, all the protocols used in the electrical world appear”.

Sebastián Medina

"It is like a paradigm shift from what I understood by a SCADA system"

Manuel Ramírez

"What I would especially highlight about this course is that the most important parts of each protocol are learned and there is the possibility of practicing with equipment and real situations that you will most likely find in your workplace"

Andrés Peña

"The course helps everyone to align ourselves with what the regulations indicate for the benefit of the end user"

Ricardo Torres

"This course offers new ideas, things that are sometimes overlooked. The operators will be very grateful for all this new information that we transmit to them"

Antonio Castillo

"After this course you can put yourself more in the customer’s shoes and think more about him than what is really correct"

Fernando Morales