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Cyber-security for Industrial Environments and Critical Infrastructures

20-21-22 Feb (UTC-5)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
28-29-30 May (UTC+2)Live Virtual ClassroomInglés
26-27-28 Jun (UTC+2)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
23-24-25 Jul (UTC-6)CDMX, Mexico (On-site)Español
12-13-14 Nov (UTC+0)Dublin, Ireland (On-site)Inglés
In this training you will learn the most important aspects of Cyber-security safety for industrial environments and critical infrastructure, as well as the basic methods of protection against cyberattacks.
You will be able to analyze the main vulnerabilities and threats by applying anti-intrusion systems, identify the different types of cyber-attacks and acquire practical advice to strengthen the company’s industrial systems and networks.

Industrial Communication Protocols and Network Management

5-6-7 Mar (UTC+1)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
5-6-7 Mar (UTC-6)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
22-23-24 Oct (UTC-6)Monterrey, Mexico (On-site)Español
12-13-14 Nov (UTC-6)Live Virtual ClassroomInglés
Full 3-day workshop with theory and practices where you will learn the use of standard communication protocols, mainly used in the electric power industry, involving the use of MODBUS, DNP3, IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5 101/104.
You will learn and understand how an industrial network works, all the different designs applied to the industrial communication protocols, and you will have the necessary criteria for the proper selection of these industrial protocols.

Practical Training in OPC & OPC UA Technology

12-13-14 Mar (UTC+1)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
14-15-16 May (UTC+1)Dublin, Ireland (On-site)Inglés
4-5-6 Jun (UTC-6)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
15-16-17 Oct (UTC+2)Madrid, Spain (On-site)Español
29-30-31 Oct (UTC+1)Live Virtual ClassroomInglés
This training includes an interactive and practical syllabus that will allow you to learn how to install, configure and test OPC Servers and applications using a wide variety of specifications such as OPC Data Access, Redundancy and Alarms and Events.
You will understand the different OPC specifications, the use of OPC components to build efficient and flexible systems, and you will learn the tools to optimize solutions based on OPC technology.

IoT Training Workshop for Industry

16-17-18 Apr (UTC-3)São Paulo, Brasil (On-site)Español
11-12-13 Jun (UTC+2)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
26-27-28 Nov (UTC+1)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
3-4-5 Dec (UTC-6)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
This training is designed to provide knowledge on the implementation of IoT solutions, so the professionals in the industrial field keep up to date with the new industrial technology trends.
You will obtain the necessary skills to design and implement with full guarantee all types of IIoT solutions for industry.

Standard Application for SCADA Systems Design

3-4-5 Sept (UTC-6)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
In this training we will use the best methodology so the participant can acquire skills to define a SCADA system size and design that adapts to the different requirements of each project.
You will gain knowledge on the fundamentals of SCADA design, the use of the essential principles for an effective screen design and the methods to establish links with databases.

Specialized Training in IEC 61850 Protocol

7-8 May (UTC-6)Live Virtual ClassroomEspañol
Complete 2-day course with theory and practice in which each participant will obtain the necessary knowledge for the implementation of communications through the IEC61850 standard in electrical substations.
You will obtain clear, concise and practical knowledge about the IEC61850 standard applied to electrical substations and communications.

Learning Guarantee

In a constantly evolving world, we strive every day to offer you the most sought-after Industry 4.0 training programs. Our trainings are carefully designed to help you learn how to solve quickly and efficiently industrial plants real problems.
Subject matter expert instructors

Our instructors have extensive experience managing industrial projects, and a long track record of providing training worldwide.

Companies that train their teams with us

There are already more than 550 companies from various industrial sectors that have choose our trainings to enhance the skills of their teams.

Hands on learning

All our trainings include practical exercises with real and simulation equipment used at industrial plants.

A community of international professionals and companies trained worldwide.
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