Practical Training in OPC & OPC UA Technology

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Practical Training in OPC & OPC UA Technology

Are you interested in learning clear, concise, and practical knowledge in OPC & OPC UA Technology?

Endorsed by Matrikon, Practical Training in OPC & OPC UA Technology its oriented to:

  • Solve common system connectivity issues using field-tested OPC technology.
  • Reduce integration time by learning to install, configure, and test OPC.
  • Know concepts in which OPC tools from all software vendors are based.
  • Improve system reliability using standards-based technology.
  • Reduce long term ownership costs by building robust systems.
  • Quickly troubleshoot and diagnose Windows security problems.

Unlike other courses based on theory, Matrikon offers an interactive and practical course that allows students to install, configure and test OPC Servers and applications using a wide variety of specifications such as OPC Data Access, Redundancy and Alarms and Events.

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What goals will you achieve with this training?

Vision and knowledge

Understand the various OPC specifications including Data Access, Historical Data Access, and Alarms & Events.

Analysis and development

Choose the best software according to the project needs, while understanding OPC advantages and how OPC components can be used to build efficient and flexible systems.

Protocol and Legality

Optimize solutions based on OPC Technology to improve benefits of an industrial communications system.

The most complete training for professionals
with unique and exclusive content

Endorsed by Matrikon, this is the most complete syllabus on Practical Training in OPC & OPC UA Technology, now available for engineers, developers, and professionals of the industry in general.

Day 1


Introduction to OPC Technology

  • Basic OPC technology concepts. Real case study
  • Introductory practice using OPC Explorer test client
  • OPC History and OPC Foundation role

Day 2


Introduction to OPC UA

  • Classic OPC versus OPC UA
  • Main advantages for OPC UA compared to its predecessor
  • OPC UA road map, and midterm migration
  • Troubleshooting Tool
  • OPC UA technical: Address Space, namespaces, nodes, etc.
  • Space Browsing functionality.

Day 3



  • Why is redundancy important in industry and how is it used.
  • Case studies.
  • Redundant architecture.
  • PLC level redundancy, OPC level redundancy and Scada level redundancy.

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OPC + OPC UA Private Workshop

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