IoT Training Workshop for Industry

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IoT Training Workshop for Industry

The presence of IoT devices is exponentially growing in the last years. According to this trend, all systems will be virtually connected to the Cloud and the information will be managed by platforms hosted on Cloud Computing services.

The industrial sector is not left out of this trend and the development of IoT solutions is expected to be predominant in the future. For this reason, it is crucial for professionals in the industrial field to stay up-to-date and gain knowledge about the implementation of IIoT solutions.

A community of more than 8,000 engineers from different companies trained around the world.

La formación más completa con contenidos únicos y exclusivos


Fundamental Concepts Of IoT


IIoT Gateways and Application Protocols


Amazon IIoT Core and XaaS Example

Objectives of training in IoT for Industry

A complete and updated agenda on IoT Technology for the Industry aimed at professionals in the industrial sector.

Vision and knowledge

The course is made up of magisterial explanations, real examples, graphic presentations and advanced practices.

Analysis and development

You will obtain the necessary capacity to design and implement all kinds of IIoT solutions for the industry with total guarantee.

Protocol and Legality

With a 100% practical approach, the proposed exercises will allow participants to design their own IIoT project.

Vester Industrial Training Center in numbers

Since the beginning of our journey, we have merged our dedication to promote the professional growth of our students and industry’s technological progress.


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Guarantee of learning

In a world in constant evolution, we strive daily to offer you the best training programs for your needs. training programs most most sought-after Industry 4.0 training programs.. Our training programs are carefully designed for you to learn how to to solve real problems in industrial plants in a in a fast and efficient way quickly and efficiently.

Docentes expertos en la materia
Nuestros instructores cuentan con una amplia experiencia gestionando proyectos industriales, y una larga trayectoria impartiendo formaciones a nivel global.
Compañías que nos eligen para formar a sus equipos
Ya son más de 550 compañías de varios sectores industriales que se han certificado con nosotros para potenciar las habilidades de sus equipos.
Cursos bonificables por FUNDAE
Facilitamos el acceso a una formación de calidad para tu desarrollo profesional, por este motivo, todos nuestros cursos son bonificables a través de la Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo. ¡Descubre cómo puedes aprovechar esta ventaja y dar un impulso a tu crecimiento profesional!
Aprendizaje Hands On
Todas nuestras formaciones incluyen ejercicios prácticos con equipamiento real y de simulación que se emplean en plantas industriales.

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More than a decade of experience training automation professionals, helping them develop new skills so that they can immediately apply them in their professional environment.

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